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The N480D series of PID temperature controllers was designed for non-experienced novice users for combining extreme simplicity in operation with high performance only found in expensive high end  controllers.
It is a low-cost instrument which can be easily installed and operated. It accepts most thermocoules and Pt100 RTD, features a relay and pulse output for driving solid state relays and optionally can be supplied with a linear 4 to 20 mA output.
Autotunig PID function, dual display, full range universal power supply and ramps soak function are standard.
It greatly surpasses the old and obsolete analog controllers in performance with ease of operation..

• Accepts thermocouples type J range -50 ºC to 760 ºC, type K range -90 ºC to 1370 ºC, type T range -100 ºC to 400 ºC, type R range 0 to 1760 ºC, type S from 0 to 1760 ºC, type E range -30 a 720 ºC e type N range -90 a 1300 ºC com with cold junction compensation
• Accepts 2 or 3-wire Pt100 RTD, range -200 ºC to 530 ºC, with cable resistance compensation
• Pt100 excitantion current: 0.170 mA
• Internal A/D resolution: 15,000 levels
• Displayed resolution: 7,500 levels
• Four-digit 10 mm red display for measured variable and four-digit 7 mm green display for setpoint
• Sampling rate: 5 measurements per second
• Control output update: 200 ms
• 5 Vdc 20 mA logic control output
• 1 SPDT relay and 2 SPST 3A @ 250 Vac relays
• Power: 100 to 240 Vac/dc, 50/60 Hz; optional 24 Vdc/ac
• Power consumption: less than 9 VA
• Operating environment: 0 to 55 ºC, 20 to 95 % RH
• Front panel: IP65, Polycarbonate UL94 V-2
• Back panel: IP30, ABS+PC UL94 V-0
• Weight: 140 g with 1 relay, 160 g with 3 relays
• Panel cutout: 45.5 mm x 45.5 mm
• Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 110 mm (1.89” x 1.89” x 4.33”)

  • 80480D2080

    N480D-RP USB Temp. Controller, In: J/K/S and RTD / Out: 1 relay + pulse 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2084

    N480D-RP USB 24V Temp. control. 1 relay + pulse out 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2090

    N480D-RPR USB Temp. Controller, In: J/K/S and RTD / Out: 2 relays + pulse 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2090

    N480D-RPR USB Temp. controller 2 relays + pulse out 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2094

    N480D-RPR USB 24V Temp. control. 2 relays+pulse out 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2030

    N480D-RRR USB Temp. Controller, In: J/K/S and RTD / Out: 3 relays 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2034

    N480D-RRR USB 24V Temp. controller, 3 relays out, 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2120

    N480D-RAR USB Temp. Controller, In: J/K/S and RTD / Out: 2 relays + 4-20mA 48x48 mm

  • 80480D2124

    N480D-RAR USB 24V Temp. control. 2 relays+4-20mA out 48x48 mm

  • 8850000100

    Cable 30 cm

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Temperature Controller N480D - Flyer

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Operating Manual N480D (V5.0x E)

Download - Operating Manual N480D (V5.0x E)

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NConfig Configurator V1.4.4.30

Configuration software.

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CE - D.O.C. N480D & N480i

CE Declaration of Conformidity.

Download - CE - D.O.C. N480D & N480i

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2D Housing Drawing - N480D

Download - 2D Housing Drawing - N480D

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Novus Controllers - controllers selection guide

Wide range of industrial process controllers, such as temperature control, humidity, pressure, flow, and other electrically measurable variables, through ON-OFF or PID algorithms with auto tuning.

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