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Pressure transmitters for applications in industrial processes, hydraulic or pneumatic, basic sanitation, machine manufacturers and especially in refrigeration and security monitoring. The models offer features such as easy reconfiguration and software recalibration.

  • Pressure Transmitters - NP600

    Pressure Transmitters - NP600

    NOVUS NP600 product family of industrial pressure transmitters features programmable range and digital field calibration capabilities. They are offered in the ceramic thick film pressure front-end technology with a wide ...

  • Pressure Transmitters - NP620

    Pressure Transmitters - NP620

    NOVUS NP620 product family of industrial pressure transmitters features programmable range and digital field calibration capabilities. They are offered in the piezoresistive oil-filled pressure front-end technology with ...

  • Relative Pressure 520 and 528

    Relative Pressure 520 and 528

    The 520 and 528 series Pressure Transmitters are compact, precise and economical. They have a rapid coupling and installation system (Quickon System), which substantially reduces the signal cable assembly time. The mode...

  • NP430D


    The NP430D series of pressure transmitters have been developed for generalindustrial applications including refrigeration technology. It can be used with most refrigerant gases and liquids but is NOT compatible with ammo...

  • Pressure Transmitter 510

    Pressure Transmitter 510

    The 510 series of compact pressure transmitters feature a unique stainless steel diaphragm for total media compatibility and are ideally suited for applications in refrigeration and industrial cryogenics, compressors an...

  • Differential Pressure Switch 604

    Differential Pressure Switch 604

    Used as DP flow switch in ventilation ducts for the control of filters and fans, and in primary and secondary control systems for the control of dampers. Precise setpoint adjustment is done through individual scale and b...

  • Relative and Absolute Pressure 691

    Relative and Absolute Pressure 691

    Designed for high performance applications, the 691 series of pressure transmitters features great accuracy at moderate cost in the range of 600 bar relative pressure or 16 bar absolute.

  • Differential Pressure 692

    Differential Pressure 692

    The 692 series of differential pressure transmitters use unique ceramic technology to accurately measure from from 0 to 0.1 bar up to 0 to 6 bar differential and yet withstanding high one-side overloads.

  • Differential Pressure 699

    Differential Pressure 699

    The 694 series of differential transmitters are ideal for high accuracy monitoring and controlling low air flow in air-conditioning systems, in clean rooms applications, fine pressures in laboratories and in critical fil...

  • Under Pressure FULL RANGE

    Under Pressure FULL RANGE

    Under request we can provide from very simple and economical pressure transmitters to the most advanced and accurate pressure, level and flow monitoring and controlling systems.

  • Pressure Transmitters - NP640

    Pressure Transmitters - NP640

    NOVUS NP640 series relative pressure transmitters are configurable and can be calibrated in the field. They offer a wide range of pressure ranges. This family has the ability to adjust the range of pressure transmission...