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Line of microprocessed panel indicators for industrial processes like indication of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and other electrically measurable variables.

  • LoopView


    LoopView is a two-wire 4-20mA loop indicator, loop powered and low power. Its excellent precision allows to indicate several measurements like pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, ...

  • Universal Indicator - N1540

    Universal Indicator - N1540

    N1540 process meter was designed with advanced technology for highest performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. Based on an advanced and robust hardware platform, the N1540 can b...

  • Indicator N1040i

    Indicator N1040i

    The Universal Indicator N1040i combines, in one compact and convenient 1/16 DIN enclosure, a high precision microprocessor based analog circuit with a very simple configuration interface to monitor a wide range of analog...

  • Indicator N1500G

    Indicator N1500G

    This high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high visibility at long distances. Setup can be done via its keyboard or via a remote PC since it features RS485 comm and a dig...

  • Indicator N1500-LC

    Indicator N1500-LC

    The N1500-LC Indicator is the ideal instrument for monitoring analogue variables in industrial processes with Load Cells. The N1500 is compatible with the most popular signals from load cells such as 0 to 20 mV, -20 to...

  • N1500 Universal Indicator

    N1500 Universal Indicator

    The N1500 series of Universal Process Indicators are high performance instruments used for monitoring analog signals in the vast majority of industrial and laboratory processes. Configuration from the front panel is fa...

  • Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT

    Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT

    Tailor made for flow applications, this instrument measures and displays both the instant measured value and the totalized value. One model is capable of reading a 4-20 mA signal or a pulsed signal. Input type is fully s...