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Temperature Controller

N1030 is a temperature controller that features a high performance PID algorithm in a compact housing, with only 35 mm depth.


Its compact construction and the convenient detachable connector provide an easy set up on short profile panels, optimizing the space and reducing costs. It has two outputs always available which can be configured both as a control or an alarm.

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- Input type: J, K, T and Pt100

- Accuracy:
  T/C: 0,25%
  Pt100: 0,2%

- Detachable terminal block: Yes

- Weight: 60 g

- Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 35 mm (1/16 DIN)

- Front panel thickness: 3,3 mm

- PID auto tuning: Yes

- Control mode:

- Control Action: Heating or cooling

- Output: SSR Pulse

- Sampling rate: 200 ms

- Available alarm: 1

- Alarm Types: Absolute Minimum, Absolute Maximum, Differential, Minimum Differential, Maximum Differential and Sensor Break

- Timer: Yes, timer model available

- Parameter lock: Password

- Approval: CE and UL (C e US)

- Front panel protection: IP65

- Power supply:
  100-240 Vca / 48-240 Vcc
  12-24 Vcc / 24 Vca

- Maximum consumption: 5 VA

- Panel Format: 48 x 48 DIN 1/16

- Warranty: 3 years

- Measure displayed: °C and °F

- Anti-flame material: UL94 V2

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